No matter what your canvas looks like, DuraLock will ensure that the finished project is something that captures your vision, and the attention of your neighbours.

DuraLock Specializes In:

  • Interlocking Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Wall Systems
  • Outdoor Steps
  • Garden Walls

Why Interlocking?

We love what we do, and that's plain to see. But if you're unsure about the advantages of Interlocking, we're here to help make the decision easier.

With such a wide variety of colours, shapes, and patterns available, interlock offers a great deal of versatility when it comes to appearance and application. Which means that your installation will not only be suited to your personal tastes, but also to the unique features of your property.

The benefits extend deep beyond the surface as well. Unlike standard single-level solutions (such as pavement or concrete), interlock is very easily maintained over the years should any shifting or unlevelling occur due to the climate or weight load. Reparations are much less costly and time-consuming, saving your wallet, schedule and peace of mind from harm.


It all starts with you. As the initial step, one of our Design Specialists will meet with you to help capture your desires and determine which colours and patterns will best bring them to life and suit the surrounding environment for ultimate curb envy.

After we've established what your ideal landscape looks like, it's time to map it out on paper. A fully customized design plan is developed to help you visualize your renewed space, and is accompanied by a budget-conscience quotation for your review.

Upon accepting the quotation, all of the details are solidified, and a contract is signed with a start date. Then the fun part begins, as you get to watch your dreams take shape beneath your feet. Our commitment to your satisfaction means that all work is executed within a timely manner, and no project is considered complete unless you are 100% satisfied and all questions have been answered.

Our Guarantee

It's simple: to complete the highest quality projects, we use only the highest quality materials. In fact, we're so confident in our products and services that our pavers carry a lifetime warranty and a written 2 year Full Service Warranty for added peace of mind. We can provide references, and are equipped with liability insurance & workers compensation. And we do it because we know it matters to you.